Wijsbegeerte der openbaring The Philosophy of Revelation



The following lectures were prepared in response to an invitation from the faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary to deliver the L.P. Stone Lectures for the academic year of 1908 and 1909. Only six of them were actually delivered, however, at Princeton. These are represented by the first seven lectures as here printed. The author desires to express his thanks to Drs. Geerhardus Vos of Princeton, Nicholas M. Steffens of Holland, Mich., and Henry E. Dosker of Louisville for kindly rendering these lectures for him into English.

Some of the lectures have been delivered also at Grand Rapids and Holland, Mich.; Chicago; Louisville; New Brunswick and Paterson, N.J.; and New York.

Drs. G. Vos and B.B. Warfield have been good enough to prepare the manuscript for the printer and to see the book through the press.

The occasionally occurring superior numerals in the text refer to notes which will be found at the end of the volume. These notes are almost entirely of a bibliographical character.

It may be proper to mention that these lectures are published in Dutch and in German simultaneously with their publication in English.

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