The papers of Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) were bequeathed to the Abraham Kuyper Stichting, the academic office of the Antirevolutionary Party, founded in 1922 and located in Kuyper’s former residence in The Hague. In 1971 the papers were transferred to the Historical Documentation Center for Dutch Protestantism (1800-present day) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and kept as coll. nr. 154.

The papers have been digitized in a cooperative enterprise of the Historical Documentation Center, Princeton Theological Seminary and The Neo-Calvinism Research Institute (NRI) at Theological University Kampen, and made available to the general public by the NRI in 2020.

The archive holds almost 9.000 letters to Abraham Kuyper and many documents regarding his personal life and his family, and documents related to Kuyper’s activities as pastor, journalist, politician, university founder, professor, church leader, and author.

Abraham Kuyper's Complete Archive

437 Brieven van ‘mijne Grootouders’, 1874-1882
Number of pages: 241874-1882
438 Correspondentie, 1886-1945
Number of pages: 131886-1945
439 Brieven van H.H. Kuyper aan Reindert, ontvangen van de familie Prins, [1891]-1944
Number of pages: 341891-1944
440 Huwelijksaankondiging, 1891
Number of pages: 21891
441 Stellingen van H.H. Kuyper, z.d.
Number of pages: 1
442 Manuscripten, z.d.
Number of pages: 213
443 Manuscript voor artikel voor De Heraut: Uit de Pers, dd. 20 december 1903, 1903
Number of pages: 61903
444 Uitnodiging van de Senaat van de Vrije Universiteit voor de openbare zitting ter gelegenheid van de vijftigste Stichtingsdag, 1930
Number of pages: 31930
445 Collegedictaten: Vaderlandsche kerkgeschiedenis en Kerkrecht: de synodes der kerk en de macht die zij bezitten, z.d., 1931-1932
Number of pages: 1591931-1932
446 Stukken betreffende de ‘zaak Ubbink-Kuyper, 1933-1934
Number of pages: 521933-1934
447 Documentatie: Form und gstalt wie der kindertauff / Des herren Nachtural / und der Krancken heymsūchung / jetß zū Basel von etlichē Predicanten gehaltē werden. Die warheyt bleybt ewig. M.D.XXVI
Number of pages: 281574-1945
448 Documentatie: Manuscript met onder andere: acta van synodes en formulieren uit de periode 1574-1649
Number of pages: 315
449 Documentatie: Acta Synod. 1574-1586 et Zelandica uit de periode 1574-1734
Number of pages: 246
450 Stukken betreffende het overlijden van H.H. Kuyper, 1945
Number of pages: 391945
451 Knipsels en aantekeningen over H.H. Kuyper, z.d., 1924-1964
Number of pages: 261924-1964