The papers of Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) were bequeathed to the Abraham Kuyper Stichting, the academic office of the Antirevolutionary Party, founded in 1922 and located in Kuyper’s former residence in The Hague. In 1971 the papers were transferred to the Historical Documentation Center for Dutch Protestantism (1800-present day) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and kept as coll. nr. 154.

The papers have been digitized in a cooperative enterprise of the Historical Documentation Center, Princeton Theological Seminary and The Neo-Calvinism Research Institute (NRI) at Theological University Kampen, and made available to the general public by the NRI in 2020.

The archive holds almost 9.000 letters to Abraham Kuyper and many documents regarding his personal life and his family, and documents related to Kuyper’s activities as pastor, journalist, politician, university founder, professor, church leader, and author.

Abraham Kuyper's Complete Archive

Archive >> Werkzaamheden op kerkelijk terrein / Activities in the sphere of the church >> Werkzaamheden als predikant: Heidelbergsche Catechismus, 1863-1864


Werkzaamheden als predikant: Heidelbergsche Catechismus, 1863

160Vin173a-1 HC Zondag 1, 1 Jo. 3:1-6
Number of pages: 191863-1864
160Vin173a-2 HC Zondag 2, Ro. VII:18-26
Number of pages: 181863-1864
160Vin173a-3 HC Zondag 3, Gen. III:6-19
Number of pages: 201863-1864
160Vin173a-4 HC Zondag 4, Rom. VIII:1-7
Number of pages: 181863-1864
160Vin173a-5 HC Zondag 5, Rom. II:1-6
Number of pages: 371863-1864
160Vin173a-6 HC Zondag 6, 1 Cor. 1:27-31
Number of pages: 361863-1864
160Vin173b-1 HC Zondag 7, Rom. III:21-25
Number of pages: 351863-1864
160Vin173b-2 HC Zondag 8, De 12 art. des geloofs
Number of pages: 271863-1864
160Vin173b-3 HC Zondag 9, De Schepping, Ps. 104:29-35
Number of pages: 271863-1864
160Vin173b-4 HC Zondag 10, De Voorzienigheid, Matth. VI: 25-39
Number of pages: 201863-1864
160Vin173b-5 HC Zondag 11, De naam Jezus, Luk. I:31b
Number of pages: 291863-1864
160Vin173b-6 HC Zondag 12, De naam Christus, 1 Joh. II:20-25
Number of pages: 281863-1864
160Vin173c-1 HC Zondag 13, Joh. I:12-18
Number of pages: 281863-1864
160Vin173c-2 HC Zondag 14, Jesaia VII:7-16
Number of pages: 271863-1864
160Vin173c-3 HC Zondag 15, Rom. III:21-26
Number of pages: 261863-1864
160Vin173c-4 HC Zondag 16, Eph. IV:7-10
Number of pages: 271863-1864
160Vin173c-5 HC Zondag 17, 1 Co. XV:53 (incompleet)
Number of pages: 201863-1864

Werkzaamheden als predikant: Heidelbergsche Catechismus, 1864

161Vin174-1 HC Zondag 18, Luc. XXIV:50-53
Number of pages: 201863-1864
161Vin174-2 HC Zondag 19, Ef. 1:17-23
Number of pages: 201863-1864
161Vin174-3 HC Zondag 20, 1 Co. XII:5-11
Number of pages: 241863-1864
161Vin174-4 HC Zondag 21, 1 Co. XII:12-18 (incompleet)
Number of pages: 191863-1864
161Vin174-5 HC Zondag 22, 1 Co. XV:47-50
Number of pages: 61863-1864
161Vin174-6 HC Zondag 41, 7e gebod
Number of pages: 311863-1864

Aantekeningen van A. Kuyper jr. over preken van A. Kuyper sr., z.d.

162Vin175 Aantekeningen van A. Kuyper jr. over preken (1863-1870) van A. Kuyper sr., z.d.
Number of pages: 41863-1864

Bevestigingsformulieren leden van de kerkenraad, 1863

163Vin176 Formulier ter bevestiging van leden der Kerkenraad in de Gemeente Beesd, 1863
Number of pages: 101863

Nieuwjaarsavondpreek, 1865/1866[?]

164Vin177 Preek op Nieuwjaarsmorgen, Ps. 40:18b, 'Maar laten we het doen, zooals het huis des gebeds ons dat vanzelve aanwijst, in den gebede tot God', 1865/1866?
Number of pages: 41865-1866