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Statuten der “Marnix-Vereeniging” opgericht te Utrecht 1 April 1868.
[Utrecht, J.H. van Peursem 1868.] [2] pp., 21cm.
Run: 20.
Dated: Utrecht, March 20, 1868.
Single sheet printed on both sides.
ET: Statutes of the “Marnix Society,” established in Utrecht on April 1, 1868.

Draft of the bylaws of the Marnix Society (cf. 1868.11). The society planned to carry out its stated purpose of publishing the oldest documents of the Dutch Reformed tradition (art. 1) as soon as membership had reached 250, although Kuyper, who served as director of the society from its founding until 1874, actually started the publication of the series when there were only about fifty members. Membership in the society cost ƒ10.- annually (art. 2) and all members received a free copy of the works published by the society (art. 4). The eight articles are signed by Kuyper on behalf of the founders of the Marnix Society. The membership of the Marnix Society remained under 100 for almost every year of its existence.

An additional 4,000 copies of this item were printed for an advertising campaign in November and sent, along with 1868.11, to prospective members.

The Marnix Society was actually founded on March 20, 1868, but Kuyper probably used the date April 1 because of its significance in the history of the Netherlands (cf. 1872.02).