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Aan den interpellant in het Volksblad van 21 Januari 1869.
In: De Hoop des Vaderlands 1 (1868/1869), no. 45, March 3, 1869.
Dated: Utrecht, February [1869].
Offprint, see: 1869.07.
RKB 15.
ET: To the interpellant in the Volksblad of January 21, 1869.

Reply to a reader who had written a letter to the editor asking the members of the Union for Christian National Primary Education (founded in 1860) why they opposed public primary schooling when public schools were teaching the great commandment. I. Esser (1818–1885) suggested reprinting this article as a tract so that it might be sent out “by the thousands” (De Heraut, no. 16, April 16, 1869).