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[Circular letter.—Draft bylaws.]
[S.l., s.n. 1869.] [4] pp., 27cm.
Dated: Utrecht, April 6, 1869.

This letter is directed to the 122 consistories that had voiced their desire to work in closer consultation with one another (cf. 1869.09). The first part of the letter reproduces the list of localities printed in 1869.09. The second part contains, among other things, an invitation and agenda for a meeting in Utrecht on April 28, 1869. Among the agenda items were setting up the Federation of Consistories and establishing its statutes.

The two-page “Concept-Statuten voor den Kerkeraden-Bond” [Draft bylaws for the Federation of Consistories] (Utrecht, Kemink en Zoon) were also enclosed. These bylaws, though undated and not signed, neverthless bear the characteristic signs of Kuyper’s authorship. The Federation of Consistories was founded on April 28, 1869.