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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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De Schrift, het Woord Gods.
Tiel, H.C.A. Campagne 1870. 48 pp., 21cm.—ƒ0.50.
Published: November 1870.
Preface dated: November 11, 1870.
Reprinted, with new title and pagination, from: 1870.17.
See also: 1920.11.
The title (340 copies) was put up for auction and acquired by Jan Haan, Delfzijl, on November 9, 1874.
RKB 29.
ET: Scripture, the Word of God.

The introduction of 1870.17 is reprinted with rearranged composition. The preface relates what happened to the planned edition of the Bijbel-album (see 1870.17).