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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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De doopskwestie; heeft de kerkeraad eener Christelijk Hervormde Gemeente al dan niet het recht te besluiten, dat alleen de Christelijke doop als doop voor haar gemeente gelden zal?
Amsterdam, H. de Hoogh & Co. 1870. 16 pp.
Very likely printed but not published.
RKB 30.
ET: The baptism question: Does or does not the consistory of a Christian Reformed congregation have the right to decide that only Christian baptism shall count as baptism for its congregation?

The specifications of this edition are derived from an extensive list of Kuyper’s works in the Studentenalmanak voor het jaar 1902 van het Studentencorps aan de Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam onder de zinspreuk N.D.D.D. (Amsterdam, p. 76), as well as from the title of a series of articles in De Heraut.

Rullmann (RKB 30, pp. 105–106) refers to a series of four articles, titled De Doopskwestie [The Baptism Question], which were supposed to have been reprinted in this brochure from De Heraut 21 (1870), no. 40, October 7, 1870–no. 43, October 28, 1870. But did Rullmann actually have this edition at hand? In the following issues, Kuyper published yet another series of articles about baptism (De Heraut 21 (1870), no. 44, November 4, 1870–no. 46, November 18, 1870). The title of this second series is more elaborate and (apart from the punctuation) conforms entirely with the title of the brochure listed in the almanac.

The title also appears as De Doopskwestie on a handwritten inventory with repeatedly short titles (cf. 1860.01).

This item seems to have been printed but never sold or distributed (cf. 1879.12).