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De zending naar de Schrift. Inleidend woord voor het elfde jaarfeest der Nederlandsche Gereformeerde Zendings-Vereeniging.
Amsterdam, H. de Hoogh & Co. (Amsterdam, Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij) 1871. 15 pp., 24cm.—ƒ0.15.
Published: December 1871.
Cover title.
On the cover: (In uittreksel weergegeven.) Uitgegeven ten voordeele der Vereeniging.
Translation (English), see: 2003.02.
RKB 39.
ET: Missions according to Scripture. Introductory remarks for the eleventh annual festival of the Dutch Reformed Missions League.

A motivational talk held on September 6, 1871 in the Schotsche Zendingskerk in Amsterdam on the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of the Dutch Reformed Missions League. The address, which is based on John 20:21b, focuses on three questions. First, who has the authority to send missionaries? Second, who must be sent? Finally, what is the purpose of missions? The address argues against missions by missionary societies and for missions by Christian congregations. (On May 31, 1894 the missionary work of the league was delegated to the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.)

In a notice to the reader, Kuyper makes clear that this publication is not a verbatim report, but stems from the detailed notes of a reporter who attended the meeting. The profits from the publication were donated to the Dutch Reformed Missions League.