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De Bartholomeusnacht.
Amsterdam, H. de Hoogh & Co. 1872. 54 pp., 21cm.—ƒ0.35.
Published: October 1872.
Reset edition, see: 1896.22.
The title (number of copies unknown) was put up for auction and acquired by C. van Bentum, Utrecht. On August 20, 1896 the title was auctioned again and acquired by Gebr. Koster, Amsterdam.
RKB 43.
ET: St. Bartholomew’s Eve.

Reprinted articles that had appeared in De Standaard under the titles “De martelaren van de Bartholomeusnacht 24 Augustus 1572” [The martyrs of St. Bartholomew’s Eve August 24, 1572] (De Standaard, no. 123, August 24, 1872) and “Rome en de Bartholomeusnacht, I–V” [Rome and St. Bartholomew’s Eve] (De Standaard, no. 129, August 31, 1872–no. 136 September 9, 1872).

After the appearance of the August 24 article in De Standaard, the Roman Catholic newspaper De Maasbode (no. 534, August 27, 1872) had asserted that historical evidence had acquitted Rome of any guilt for the St. Bartholomew’s Eve massacre of August 24, 1572. According to De Maasbode, “none of the opponents of the Roman Catholic Church” had dared to publish anything on the three hundredth anniversary of the massacre except for De Standaard. Moreover, De Maasbode claimed that the memorial published in De Standaard was nothing more than a string of absurdities. The five articles subsequently published in De Standaard review the historical evidence and expressly refute this opinion.