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Eenheid. Rede ter bevestiging van Ds. P. van Son, gehouden 31 Augustus 1873 in de Nieuwe Kerk te Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, H. de Hoogh & Co. 1873 (Amsterdam, Nederl. Stoomdrukkerij). 48 pp., 25cm.—ƒ0.35.
Published: September 1873.
Also included in: 1913.15.
RKB 50.
ET: Unity. Sermon preached at the installation of Rev. P. van Son, delivered on August 31, 1873 in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.

A sermon on Ephesians 4:13a, delivered on the occasion of the installation of Rev. P. van Son (1838–1919) in the Nieuwe Kerk at Amsterdam on August 31, 1873. According to Kuyper, the church will not achieve full unity until the Lord of the church returns in glory. The history of the church shows that enforcing uniformity on its distinct forms cannot produce true unity. Unity can only come about when every form of the church has the freedom to develop its own essence. The biblical paradox “whosoever shall lose his life … the same shall save it” thus also applies to the quest for the unity of the church.

According to a note on the back cover, this sermon was written down from memory a week after it was delivered. In general, Kuyper objected to reading from a manuscript when he preached (cf. 1909.27); instead, he typically memorized his sermons. He was in the custom, however, of writing down sermons that he gave on special occasions.

This is the final sermon that appeared in print while Kuyper was a working pastor. Kuyper delivered his final sermon as an emeritus pastor on April 30, 1899 during the installation service for his son, Abraham Kuyper jr. (see 1979.05), at the Gereformeerde Kerk of Makkum and Cornwerd.