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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Het Calvinisme oorsprong en waarborg onzer constitutioneele vrijheden. Een Nederlandsche gedachte.
Tweede druk.
Amsterdam, B. van der Land 1874 (Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij). 76 pp., 26cm.—ƒ0.90.
Published: June 1874.
Prefatory notes dated: May 20, 1874; June 20, 1874.
2nd printing of: 1874.04.
Next edition, see: 2004.02.
The title (950 copies) was put up for auction and acquired by J.A. Wormser, Amsterdam, on August 7, 1889. On December 12, 1907 the remaining copies (242) were auctioned again and acquired by J.H. Kok, Kampen.

Apart from the correction of a few errors and new pagination, an unaltered printing of 1874.04.