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[Letter to the editor.]
In: De Standaard 4 (1875), no. 1150, December 24, 1875.
Dated: Den Haag, December 23, 1875.

Answer to a letter that J.H. Gunning jr. had written about the prospective founding of a free Christian university. Gunning had written to Kuyper in his capacity as member of the Second Chamber of the States General, asking whether it was not now the moment to hold a national convention about the desirability of a free university for “our Protestant church” (De Standaard, no. 1140, December 13, 1875). He was alluding to what Kuyper had previously written on the subject (see 1870.07). In subsequent letters to the editor, the Rev. Ph.J. Hoedemaker (1839–1910), the Rev. J.A. Gerth van Wijk (1837–1907), and the Rev. L.J. van Rhijn (1812–1887) showed their support for Gunning’s proposal.

In his answer, Kuyper responds that he is not the right person to convene such a national convention. He therefore requests that Gunning organize a two-day national conference for the purpose of founding a Christian university. He urges Gunning to summon delegates quickly because Parliament will be dealing with the Higher Education Law at the beginning of 1876. The conference did not take place, however. There was once again too much disagreement.