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De synode der Nederlandsche Hervormde Kerk uit haar eigen vermaan brief geoordeeld.
Amsterdam, H.J. Winter 1879. 24 pp., 22cm.
Published: October 1879.
RKB 63.
ET: The Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church judged by its own admonitory letter.

Two critical articles written to unmask the pretensions behind a “letter of admonition” circulated by the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church. The articles—dated Amsterdam, September 14, 1879 and September 19, 1879—were reprinted from De Heraut, no. 92, September 14, 1879–no. 93, September 21, 1879.

Like 1874.06, the articles came out as an independent publication due to the initiative of the Dutch Association of Friends of the Truth for the Maintenance of the Doctrine and the Rights of the Reformed Church. The publication was sent to the association’s departments and to the consistories of the Dutch Reformed Church.

The synod had amended Article 38 of the Regulations for the Instruction of Religion, which had to do with the admission and confirmation of members. Objections to the religious convictions of applicants were no longer grounds for refusal as long as applicants were prepared to answer the confessional questions stipulated by Article 39 of the regulations affirmatively. This amendment prompted so much protest and resistance that the synod was compelled to put out a pastoral letter on the subject, Brief van de Synode der Nederlandsche Hervormde Kerk aan de leden dier kerk (’s Gravenhage: J.M. van ’t Haaff, 1879).

A brief foreword, dated Amsterdam, October 1879, by the board of directors of the Friends of the Truth introduces the reprinted articles.