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In: De brief van Z.K.H. Prins Alexander: zijn oorzaken en gevolgen. Gerangschikt door een Oranjeklant.
Rotterdam, Van Meurs & Stufkens 1879, pp. 51–52.
See also: 1979.04.

An asterism with “De brief van Prins Alexander” [The letter of Prince Alexander] as its headline, reprinted from De Standaard 8 (1879), no. 2307, September 30, 1879. In this asterism Kuyper stands up for Crown Prince Alexander (1851–1884).

A newspaper article (in Dagblad van Zuid-Holland en ’s Gravenhage) about the crown prince and the highly uncustomary letter to the editor (of Het Vaderland) that the prince had written in response had given rise to much commentary and discussion in the press. Finding this level of attention unreasonable and uncharitable, Kuyper asks in his short editorial for better understanding of the mental problems afflicting the crown prince. In the brochure De brief van Z.K.H. Prins Alexander, a partisan of the House of Orange reviews the commentaries in the press, reprinting Kuyper’s asterism from De Standaard in that context.

The prince’s letter to the editor was also published in De Standaard, no. 2302, September 24, 1879.