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[Two articles.]
In: De Unie. (Een school met den Bijbel). Collecte van 17 Augustus.
[S.l., s.n. 1880], p. [2].
Published: August 1880.

Two primary articles from De Standaard, reprinted in a circular letter (35cm.) dated August 17, 1880 from The Union: “A School with the Bible.” The first article, “17 Augustus 1878,” is taken from De Standaard 9 (1880), no. 2562, July 30, 1880. The second, “17 Augustus 1880,” is taken from De Standaard 9 (1880), no. 2565, August 3, 1880. The goal of this circular was to orchestrate and to promote (cf. 1879.07) the yearly Union Collection (see 1878.06) among the correspondents and the executives of the local committees of the People’s Petition (see 1878.04).