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[Letter to the editor.]
In: Wekstem 17 (1881), no. 137, November 19, 1881.

In this letter to the editor, Kuyper writes that the pseudonymous A.V. (Amicus Veritatis)—actually the Rev. W. Diemer (1837–1926), editor of the Christian Reformed periodical Wekstem [Voice of awakening]—had finally gone too far. According to A.V., Kuyper had insinuated in De Heraut that there were no brothers and sisters in the Christian Reformed Church. The editors of Wekstem noted next to Kuyper’s letter that their fellow editor had read more into Kuyper’s article in De Heraut than he had actually written. In his reply to Kuyper (Wekstem, no. 139, November 24, 1881), however, A.V. held fast to his opinion, writing that it was not he but Kuyper who was making insinuations (cf. 1882.02).