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[Two meditations.]
In: De Christen 3 (1882), no. 18, May 5, 1882, p. 205ff.; no. 26, June 30, 1882, p. 296ff.

The meditation on Hosea 14:2 that appears in De Christen 3, no. 18 was taken from De Heraut, no. 221, March 19, 1882. The meditation on Isaiah 48:18 that appears in De Christen 3, no. 26 was taken from De Heraut, no. 168, March 13, 1881.

The untranslated meditations were included in the independent South African church newsletter De Gereformeerde Kerkbode. In 1880 this church newspaper was incorporated into De Christen, a new independent paper, as a section for official notices. In 1883 De Gereformeerde Kerkbode was no longer published as a section within an independent paper, but as a distinct publication of the synod. Its name was changed to De Kerkbode. Het Weekblad der Nederduitsche Gereformeerde Kerk van Zuid Afrika.