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In: De Unie “Een School met den Bijbel.” De Provinciale Uniedag te Rotterdam gehouden op 28 december 1882.
Schiedam, Gebr. Van Noortwijk [1883], p. 5.
Published: February 1883.
ET: Worn down by fatigue and weariness the friendly word from the brothers raised my spirits splendidly. My greetings in spirit to everyone. May the Lord bless the Union.

Ingezonken door moe- en matheid beurde der broederen vriendelijk woord mij heerlijk op. Voor allen den groet mijner ziele. Zegene de Heere de Unie. Kuyper.

Kuyper was prevented from attending the meeting of the South Holland Local Committee of The Union: “A School with the Bible” (see 1878.06) by ill health, household cares, and the recent death of his father, Rev. J.F. Kuijper (1801–1882). At the suggestion of Mr. L.W.C. Keuchenius, a member of the national board attending the regional “Union Day,” a cordial cable (pp. 1–2) was sent to Kuyper, who responded with this cable.