A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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De drie formulieren van eenigheid, gelijk die voor de gereformeerde kerken dezer landen zijn vastgesteld in haar laatstgehouden Nationale Synode. Voor kerkelijk gebruik uitgegeven door Dr. A. Kuyper.
Amsterdam, J.H. Kruyt 1884 (Amsterdam, Kon. Nederl. Stoomdrukkerij). XIV, 96, (128) pp., 25cm.—bd. ƒ4,25.
Published: March 1884.
Edition de luxe.
2nd printing of: 1883.10.
Next printing, see: 1887.37.
Binding: half morocco; lettered in gold on front cover and spine; gilt edges; printed on heavy paper.
ET: The three forms of unity, as they were appointed for the Reformed Churches of this nation in its last National Synod. Published by Dr. A. Kuyper for use in church.

This special, luxury-bound edition of the forms of unity was published as a signatory book for office holders. The edition conforms to 1883.02 in all but three respects: there is a new preface, the church order has been dropped, and 128 blank pages have been inserted along with an affidavit of consent.

This information is derived from an advertisement. A copy could not be traced.