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Het fine conto.—Inenting. In: Feiten en woorden. De Delftsche vaccinatie-motie in het ware licht gesteld.
Amsterdam, J.H. Kruyt, 1884, pp. 77–79, 23cm.
ET: The closing balance.—Vaccination.

Two asterisms (columns) published as Appendix XI en XII in a brochure on compulsory vaccination, written by J.C. Fabius, Anti-Revolutionary member of parliament (1881–1890).

The asterism Het fine conto was originally published in De Standaard 12 (1883), no. 3603, December 12, 1883 and deals with the statistics concerning the tragic side effects caused by the vaccination of children. Inenting was taken from De Standaard 12 (1883), no. 3605, December 14, 1883 and includes five serious grievances and objections concerning vaccination. However, vaccination is neither advised nor advised against. The main issue is that the state has to leave the responsabiblity wether to vaccinate or not to parents.