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In: “Onze gescheiden broeders hadden ook moeten blijven.” Is dat waar? Door A. Littooy, predikant te Middelburg.
Tweede vermeerderde druk.
Middelburg, F.P. d’Huy 1885, pp. 62–65.
Published: March 1885.

A commentary, reprinted from De Heraut, no. 375, March 1, 1885, concerning the first edition of the above-referenced brochure by the Rev. A. Littooy (1834–1909). Littooy challenged the assertion that the Afgescheidenen [Secessionists] of 1834 should have stayed in the Reformed Church. The background of this brochure, which was composed on the eve of the Doleantie, was the discussion about whether or not Kuyper and his followers should remain in the Dutch Reformed Church. This discussion began in De Heraut, no. 353, September 28, 1884 when Kuyper responded to voices from the Christian Reformed Church, the church of the Secessionists, calling for his followers to come over to them. A discussion subsequently developed in De Heraut with D.K. Wielenga (1842–1902), lecturer at the Theological Seminary at Kampen. Two more exchanges followed with the Rev. Littooy, the second of which was reprinted at the end of the second printing of his brochure.

The immediate stimulus for the brochure by the Rev. Littooy was a flysheet printed by the same printer in Middelburg and distributed at almost every doorstep in the city. The author of that flysheet contended that “our separated brothers should also have stayed [in the Dutch Reformed Church].” In his rebuttal of this claim, the Rev. Littooy argued against Kuyper, whom he associated with this standpoint.