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In: De Hope 19 (1884/1885), no. 30, June 2, 1885.

The article, “Zij zullen hem niet hebben!” [They shall not have him!] was reprinted by De Hope (see 1885.06) from De Standaard 14 (1885), no. 4028, May 4, 1885. The article protests against the superficial and undignified way in which Isaac da Costa (1798–1860) had been memorialized as a poet on April 28, 1885—the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death. The literati who took part in the memorial had no sympathy with Da Costa’s religious beliefs and simply passed over his witness to the gospel. Kuyper laments that Da Costa had been “annexed … for the glory of human greatness” but adds defiantly, “They shall not have him, the children of our age!”