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Kerken-ordening gesteld in de Nationale Synode der Gereformeerde Kerken, te zamen beroepen en gehouden binnen Dordrecht in de jaren 1618 en 1619, met aanwijzing van hetgeen door de staatkundige gebeurtenissen sints 1619 ophield te werken.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1887 (P. Groenendijk). 16 pp., 25cm.—ƒ0.25.
Published: January 1887.
New edition of: 1886.13.
Cheap edition, see: 1887.06.
(RKB 89.)
ET: The church order appointed during the National Synod of the Reformed Churches, convoked and held at Dordrecht in the years 1618 and 1619, with indications about what has ceased to function because of political developments since 1619.

This edition lacks the preface and the table of contents of the previous edition (1886.13). The typesetting is nearly identical to 1886.13, although the headings have another typeface and the layout has been changed. The editon is printed on higher-quality paper than 1887.06.

This text of the church order was also printed in the Amsterdamsche Kerkbode, no. 6, March 13, 1887–no. 9, April 3, 1887; the Zeeuwsche Kerkbode, no. 9, April 15, 1887–no. 37, October 29, 1887; and the Utrechtsche Kerkbode, no. 26, August 27, 1887–no. 32, October 8, 1887. The Zeeuwsche Kerkbode printed the text of the church order with headings taken from De wettige kerkorde van 1618–1619. Rapport uitgebracht aan de classikale vergadering van Middelburg, gehouden den 25 juni 1884 [The lawful church order of 1618–1619. Report published by the classical assembly of Middelburg, held on June 25, 1884] by N.A. de Gaay Fortman (Middelburg: F.P. d’Huij, 1885).