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Nederduitsche Gereformeerde Kerk. Instructie voor de corporatiën.
[S.l., s.n. 1887.] [2] pp., 22cm.
Dated: February 1, 1887.
Single sheet printed on both sides.
ET: Dutch Reformed Church. Directives for the corporations.

This sheet, signed by Dr. A. Kuyper, chairman, and Rev. C.A. Renier, secretary, contains the seven articles that stipulate the status and task of the corporations of the dolerende church of Amsterdam.

The financial situation of the dolerende church had also appeared on the agenda for the meeting of the consistories on December 16, 1886. A corporation was formed in each of the eight districts of the dolerende church of Amsterdam. Members of these corporations were given the task of going in pairs to visit the members of the church community to establish contacts between them and the consistory, to extend the reformation of the church, to sign them up for freewil contributions, and to collect such contributions. These corporations received their initial form in the Provisioneele regeling voor de beschrijving en inning der vrijwillige bijdragen voor de kerkelijke kas [Provisional regulations for describing and collecting freewill contributions to the church treasury]. The status and the task of the corporations became more carefully defined in this Instructie voor de corporatiën.

The first campaign for freewill contributions took place from January 4 to February 3, 1887. After adjustments were made to the Provisional Regulations and the Directives for the Corporations, the Association “The Church Treasury” was recognized by royal decree. Kuyper was among the first members of the board of governors of this local association.

This item was also published in the Amsterdamsche Kerkbode 1 (1887), no. 3, February 20, 1887.