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Concept-formulieren voor de afwerping van het juk der synodale hiërarchie, volgens besluit van het Gereformeerd Kerkelijk Congres, d.d. 11–14 januari 1887 te Amsterdam gehouden. Tweede reeks. Voor kerken, wier kerkeraad in zijn meerderheid tegen de reformatie is.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1887 (Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij). 27 pp., 24cm.
Printed: February 1887.
Printed but not published.
1st series, see: 1887.12.
(RKB 98.)
ET: Form letters for throwing off the yoke of the synodical hierarchy, in accordance with the resolution of the Reformed Church Congress held in Amsterdam on January 11–14, 1887. Second series. For churches in which the majority of the consistory is against the reformation.

Eight sample letters and statements (labeled G to N) composed for use by minorities in consistories or congregations who wished to throw off the yoke of synodical hierarchy despite the fact that the majority did not. Some practical advice is also given. The samples G–J in this document are identical to the samples G–J in 1887.12. On the authorship see 1887.12.