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[“Our program,” section 254.]
In: “Wat staat ons te wachten?” Eene toelichting uit Indië van de koloniale staatkunde der Anti-Revolutionaire Partij met eene inleiding en aanteekeningen medegedeeld door Th.Ch.L. Wijnmalen.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1888, pp. 19–20.
Published: October 1888.
Taken from: 1879.04.

Section 254 belongs to the elucidation of Article 18 of the platform of the Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP), which treats the colonial question. Taken from 1879.04, this section was reprinted in a series of ten articles about the colonial politics of the ARP, which were originally published in the Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad under the title “What Is in Store for Us?” (The section was included in the fourth article of Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad 3 (1887/1889), no. 11, April 11, 1888). Many colonists in the Dutch Indies had largely lost their trust in the liberals and had high hopes for the Mackay cabinet (1888–1891), the first Christian coalition cabinet. L.W.C. Keuchenius (1822–1893) was the minister of the colonies.

The article series clarified the colonial program of the ARP. When the government had to determine the budget for the Dutch Indies in connection with the royal budget for 1889, Th. Ch.L. Wijnmalen (1841–1895) provided a separate edition concern- ing these ten articles, to which he added an introduction and notes, for the Dutch public.