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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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“Onnauwkeurig”? Aan “Het Vaderland” in zake Mr. W.H. de Beaufort’s verweerschrift.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1889 (Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij). 51 pp., 25cm.—ƒ0.90.
Run: 1,000.
Published: September 1889.
Dated: Amsterdam, September 18, 1889.
The title (670 copies) was put up for auction and acquired by J.H. Kok, Kampen, on December 12, 1907.
RKB 112.
ET: “Inaccurate”? To “Het Vaderland” about the matter of Mr. W.H. de Beaufort’s apology.

Open letter to Het Vaderland. This liberal newspaper from The Hague had asserted that Kuyper did not know how to respond to the reply of W.H. de Beaufort (see 1889.10) and therefore remained silent. The paper underscored De Beaufort’s assertion that Kuyper had made many inaccurate remarks and added that he was therefore untrustworthy and also shallow. Although Kuyper had been rather satisfied with De Beaufort’s answer and willing to give his opponent the last word, this commentary forced him to return to the debate.

In this heavily documented reply Kuyper parries point after point (concerning, among other things, his ideas on public schools, higher education, the role of government, the goal of Anti-Revolutionary Party politics, and Groen van Prinsterer) with such force that the charge of inaccuracy is turned back against De Beaufort.