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Gomer voor den sabbath. Meditatiën over en voor den sabbath.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1889. 260, III pp., 20cm.—unbd. ƒ1.90, bd. ƒ2.40.
Run: 3,000.
Published: December 1889.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, October 29, 1889.
Cheap edition, see: 1904.09.
Preface, see also: 1929.04 (pp. 273–274).
Binding: full cloth; lettered in gold on front cover and spine; decoration in black stamping and gold tooling on the front cover; blind tooling on the back cover; beveled edges; decorated endpapers.
RKB 114.
ET: An omer for the Sabbath. Devotions about and for the Sabbath.

A collection of seven devotions about the Sabbath (never before published) and fifty-two devotions for the Sabbath. The title is taken from Exodus 16:16–24. In the foreword, the author relates that the publication of these devotions for the Sabbath is intended to complement the four collections of devotions for Christian holidays in Dagen van Goede Boodschap [Days of good tidings] (see 1887.36). He also promises that a special study about the Sabbath shall be published soon (see 1890.04).

The first seven devotions treat the Sabbath (1) van God gegeven [as given by God], (2) door God verordend [as ordained by God], (3) door God geheiligd [as sanctified by God], (4) door God gezegend [as blessed by God], (5) door God gekeurd [as judged by God], (6) door God verzoend [as reconciled by God], and (7), van God vereeuwigd [as made eternal by God].

The fifty-two devotions, one for each Sunday of the year, are numbered in the collection. The devotions were originally published in De Heraut, no. 497, July 3, 1887–no. 597, June 2, 1889.

The planned introduction to this volume became too bulky and was accordingly published separately as the first part of a treatise on the Sabbath (see 1890.04).