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Vrouwen uit de H. Schrift. I–X.
In: Amsterdamsche Kerkbode. Officieel orgaan van de Nederduitsche Gereformeerde Kerk alhier 4 (1890), no. 193, October 12, 1890; no. 195, October 26, 1890–no. 199, November 23, 1890; no. 201, December 7, 1890–no. 204, December 28, 1890.
1st series, see also: 1891.01; 1892.01.
2nd series, see: 1892.14; 1893.01.
Reprinted 1st and 2nd series, see: 1897.17.
ET: Women from the H[oly] Scriptures. I–X.

A new series (cf. 1887.09 and 1889.02) of “biblical character studies,” as Kuyper described these devotional sketches, which were published in the Amsterdamsche Kerkbode. During 1890, the following sketches appeared: the mother of us all (Eve); Adah and Zillah; Sarah; Hagar; Keturah; Rebecca; Deborah the nurse; Leah; Rachel; and Judith and Basemath.

The series Vrouwen uit de Heilige Schrift would eventually number fifty sketches of women from the Old Testament (first series) and thirty sketches of women from the New Testament (second series).