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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Separatie en Doleantie.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1890. 72 pp., 25cm.—ƒ0.50.
Run: 2,000.
Published: October 1890.
Dated: September 16, 1890.
The title (604 copies) was put up for auction and required by J.H. Kok, Kampen, on December 12, 1907 and as a result there are copies with J.H. Kok, Kampen on the cover and Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser on the title page.
RKB 120.
ET: Separation and Doleantie.

Kuyper was frequently asked to assess the ramifications of the Doleantie for church polity and governance from the perspective of the canonical principles formulated during from heyday of Calvinism. He wrote this study in response to such requests. He also included the Secession of 1834 in his inquiry because he wanted to stimulate the merger talks between the Dutch Reformed Churches and the Christian Reformed Church.

Kuyper deals with the subject in four main chapters. The first chapter deals with the origin, existence, and reformation of the institutional church. The second chapter treats the theme of reformation with respect to the institutional church. The third chapter discusses the consequences of both reformations (of 1834 and 1886) for canon law, civil law, and constitutional law. The fourth chapter addresses the unification of these churches. The final conclusion drawn from the inquiry affects both churches equally. Both churches are duty-bound to constitute common classical and synodical meetings.

Kuyper relates at the beginning of this monograph that he wrote it during a few free days before he had to start lecturing again at the Vrije Universiteit.