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In: Proces-verbaal van het Sociaal Congres, gehouden te Amsterdam den 9, 10, 11, 12 November 1891.
Amsterdam, Höveker & Zoon 1892 (Nijmegen, H.C.A. Thieme), pp. 38–69, 129–133, 135–136, passim.
Published: April 1892.

For the opening address (pp. 38–69) of the Social Congress, see 1891.14. Kuyper was chairman of the congress, which convened in November 1891. These minutes also contain a report of his concluding address (pp. 129–133) in addition to his numerous procedural and administrative contributions. The sincere words of thanks offered to the chairman by H. Pierson (1834–1923), who praised the congress’s spirit of unity and solidarity, elicited the following heartfelt confession from Kuyper: “Nothing, nothing is more dreadful in the struggle for Christ’s honor than to have to hear that my person stands in the way of unity among brothers. No one but God alone knows how frequently I have contemplated in my soul whether it was not perhaps necessary that I should withdraw myself in order to promote unity.” Kuyper then said that he had enjoyed the fraternal encounters with attendees who in other respects were following different paths. These encounters encouraged him to continue his work (pp. 135–136).

It appears from the list of 570 participants that Kuyper’s spouse, Mrs. J.H. Kuyper-Schaay, one of his daughters, his daughter-in-law, and two of his sons also took part in the congress (p. 572).