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In: De Heraut, no. 774, October 23, 1892.
Dated: Amsterdam, October 14, 1892.
2nd letter, see: 1892.23.

An open letter to A.F. de Savornin Lohman. The letter was published in response to a long letter to the editor written by De Savornin Lohman and printed in De Heraut, no. 772, October 9, 1892–no. 773, October 16, 1892. De Savornin Lohman had written his letter as a reply to four editorials published in De Heraut—which themselves had been written in response to a lecture that De Savornin Lohman had delivered at the twelfth annual meeting of the Association for Higher Education on Reformed Principles (Groningen, June 30, 1892).

Kuyper did not want to hide behind his editorial office and thus responded directly to the letter in De Heraut. De Savornin Lohman’s lecture had raised the question whether one should object to the practice of students at the Vrije Universiteit visiting “unbelieving” universities (see 1891.04). De Savornin Lohman did not oppose the practice but Kuyper did.