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Wat we hier uitdroegen naar het graf, is het stoffelijk overschot van een trouwen wapenbroeder, onzen Levinus Wilhelmus Christiaan Keuchenius ….
[S.l., s.n. 1893.] 7 pp., 16cm.
Printed in: December 1893.
Printed but not published.
Printed on one side only.
See also: 1895.07.
ET: What we have borne to the grave are the mortal remains of a faithful brother-in-arms, our Levinus Wilhelmus Christiaan Keuchenius ….

An address delivered at the funeral of Levinus Wilhelmus Christiaan Keuchenius (October 21, 1822–December 17, 1893) at The Hague on December 21, 1893. Kuyper describes the deceased as his “faithful comrade in arms … not of the nobility, but still of great nobility. For, in the line which began with Bilderdijk and continued in Da Costa, Keuchenius was, after Groen van Prinsterer, the lawful heir of a holy tradition as only we in Holland know it …. This threefold cord shone in Keuchenius in almost legendary fashion.” Keuchenius was eulogized, with thanks and honor to God, as a man of character and integrity and as a confessor of and witness to the faith who had led a stirring life.

Several days after the interment the address was also published in De Standaard 22 (1893), no. 6687, December 22, 1893.