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Encyclopædie der heilige godgeleerdheid. Deel een: Inleidend deel.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1894 (Zuid-Hollandsche Boek- en Handelsdrukkerij). VII, [1], 486, [2], VI pp., 25cm.—complete set (= 3 vols.) unbd. ƒ16.75, bd. ƒ21.25.
Run: 1,200.
Published: January 1894.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, December 20, 1893.
Volume 2 and 3, see: 1894.11; 1894.12.
2nd edition, see: 1908.23.
Translation (partial; English), see: 1898.12.
Binding, see: 1894.11.
RKB 132.
ET: Encyclopedia of sacred theology. Volume one: Introductory volume.

The introductory volume of Kuyper’s three-volume Encyclopedia of Theology. This volume maps out the history of theology as a scholarly discipline. The first section treats, in three chapters, the name, the idea, and the concept of ‘encyclopedia’ in general. In the second section, which also has three chapters, there follows a description of the concept of the theological encyclopedia, a discussion of its general and particular divisions, and a summary of its history.

The introductory volume became rather sizeable because it sought to overcome the contemporary lack of any relatively complete encyclopedia of theology. The historical chapter is divided into three major sections: to the Renaissance (section I); from the Renaissance to contemporary philosophy (section II); and contemporary philosophy (section III).

Kuyper had been giving lectures at the Vrije Universiteit on the encyclopaedia theologiae Reformatae since 1880. The publication of this three-volume Encyclopædie der heilige godgeleerdheid fulfilled one of his aspirations as an author (see 1886.04). In a part of the print run, the foreword to the first volume has been adorned with his signature.