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[Letter to the editor.]
In: De Bazuin 43 (1895), no. 46, November 15, 1895.
Dated: Amsterdam, November 9, 1895.
See also: 1929.04 (pp. 179–180).

A letter to the editor about the maintenance of discipline in the administration of baptism, written in response to a letter that had appeared in De Bazuin, no. 45, November 8, 1895. The author of that letter had pointed out that Kuyper had written in 1886.24 (p. 65) that baptism should almost never be refused and that those who entered the house of baptism ought straightaway to be baptized, whereas he had opposed such ideas in a recent article in De Heraut (no. 931, October 27, 1895). While Kuyper nuanced his stance somewhat by pointing to his more recent studies of baptism, he nevertheless admitted his inconsistency and promised to alter the relevant passages in the next edition of 1886.24, which was already being planned (see 1899.13). He did not, however, carry through on this pledge.