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Scolastica II. Om het zoeken of om het vinden? Of het doel van echte studie.
Amsterdam/Pretoria, Boekhandel voorheen Höveker & Wormser [1900]. 32 pp., 20cm.—ƒ0.40.
Run: 2,000.
Published: October 1900.
All pages of type enclosed in a border.
Translation (English), see: 2014.03
Scolastica [I], see: 1889.14.
The title (1,145 copies) was put up for auction and acquired by J.H. Kok, Kampen, on December 12, 1907.
RKB 156.
ET: Scholastica II. Is it about searching or finding? Or the purpose of genuine study.

Lecture at the Vrije Universiteit, delivered at the opening of the academic year on September 18, 1900. The number of registered students had grown by then to 229. On a previous occasion (in 1889.14), Kuyper had spoken about the secret of genuine study; now his subject was the goal of genuine study. According to Kuyper, the purpose is not to seek, but to find. Moreover, if scholarship is about finding then it follows, first, that it does not seek after the unseekable, second, that it does not seek after what has already been found, and third, that it does not seek after what God has already revealed. These stipulations uphold the principled standpoint for study and scholarship at the Vrije Universiteit. The practice of scholarship entails a threefold task: (1) of ascertaining the wealth of truth that serves as the point of departure; (2) of deriving from these established truths the implicit consequences for life today; and (3) of systematizing the first and second tasks.

In this speech Kuyper again champions (cf. 1895.22, 1897.08, and 1899.18), but this time on the students’ behalf, the legitimacy of the path that the Vrije Universiteit has followed on principle since its founding. He seeks to confirm once more the basic principles of the Vrije Universiteit.