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In: De Standaard 47 (1918/1919), no. 14284, November 5, 1918.
Dated: Den Haag, October 31, 1918.
See also: 1938.02, p. 335.

In this letter to C. van der Voort van Zijp (1871–1936), secretary of the Central Committee of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations, Kuyper resigned his chairmanship of the committee and thus the leadership of the Anti-Revolutionary Party. Kuyper wrote that he had initially wanted to resign from office on January 1, 1919, but had felt obliged to resign earlier in light of the committee’s preparations for the upcoming elections for the Provincial States.

Kuyper served as the chairman of the Central Committee of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations from April 3, 1879 until November 25, 1918 (apart from a period between September 5, 1904 and October 17, 1907). On November 25, 1918, H. Colijn was elected as temporary chairman (see 1920.02).