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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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[Circular letter.]
[S.l., s.n. 1863 (Leiden, Frederic. Muller).] [2] pp., 27cm.
Dated: Leide (en Hollande), ce. Mars 1863.
See also: 1945.01.
Sheet printed on both sides.
Facs., see: 1987.03, p. 62.
KA 292.

A circular letter embossed with the stamp of the internationally well-known publisher and antiquarian dealer Frederik Muller at Leiden and addressed “A Monsieur le Bibliothécaire ou l’Archiviste à …

In this circular letter, Kuyper informs the major European libraries and archives that he is preparing an edition of Johannes a Lasco’s works (see 1866.01) as well as a biography of A. Lasco. Kuyper therefore requests that the recipients search their libraries and archives for books or letters to/from A. Lasco that he has not yet been able to locate. He states that he eagerly looks forward to learning the results of their research.

A three-part list is attached to the letter indicating: (1) works by A. Lasco that Kuyper possesses, (2) works by A. Lasco that he has thus far sought in vain, and (3) historical works and early printed books that he has not yet been able to locate.