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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Joannis a Lasco opera tam edita quam inedita. Recensuit vitam auctoris enarravit A. Kuyper.
Amstelodami, Frederic. Muller; Hagae-Comitum, Martin. Nijhoff 1866 (Amstelod., Ex Typographeo Viduae H.F. Bakels et Filii). 2 vol. (CXXI, 572; 771 pp.), 23cm.—unbd. ƒ15.00.
Published: April 1866.
Preface dated: Beest (in Gelria Batavorum), pridie nonas Decembres [December 4] a. MDCCCLXV.
Half title: Joannis a Lasco opera accedit vitae auctoris enarratio.
Complimentary copies: printed on bulky laid paper with feather edges, watermarks, and countermarks; uncut 25cm. Trade copies: printed on laid paper.
Binding: some complimentary copies were bound by Loeber [Leiden?] in red morocco; lettered in gold on the spine; gold stamping on the spine and the covers; decorated endpapers; gilt edges (JaLB). Trade copies: paperback.
RKB 3.
ET: Johannes a Lasco’s published and unpublished works.

These two impressive volumes constitute the beginning of all modern A. Lasco research and still remain unsurpassed. A comprehensive preface (115 pp.) introduces the following three parts of this Polish reformer’s literary corpus: dogmatic and polemical works (volume 1); liturgical and symbolical works (volume 2); and letters (volume 2). To keep the size of the collection within reasonable limits, the type at the end of each volume was set solid.

A biography of A. Lasco was promised in the preface, but Kuyper never published it (see 1945.01). However, H. Dalton dedicated his biography of the reformer—Johannes a Lasco. Beitrag zur Reformationsgeschichte Polens, Deutschlands und Englands (Gotha, 1881)—to Abraham Kuyper, “dem hochverdienten Herausgeber der Gesamtwerke Laskis, in herzlicher Verehrung und Dankbarkeit” [the highly esteemed editor of the complete works of A. Lasco, in cordial reverence and thankfulness].

The editor expressed his appreciation to those who had contributed to the project by sending them printings of the relevant parts of the Opera. In a letter, dated August 14, 1866 (cf. 1957.02), to Prof. Dr. R. Fruin (1823–1899) at Leiden, Kuyper reveals that the publisher provided only fifteen author copies instead of the desired forty. Kuyper signed the contract for the project in 1862 (see 1862.01).

In the nineteenth century, A. Lasco’s works were already rare. In 1873.05 (pp. 36–39), Kuyper related how he finally gained access, as if by a miracle, to a surprisingly rich collection of Lasciana, indispensable sources for his prize-winning Commentatio (see 2005.01). Kuyper also wrote about this event, which he experienced as providential, in 1873.05 and De Heraut, no. 1968, October 10, 1915.

In 1874 the publishers cut the price of the Opera in half. According to Oude en nieuwe boekhandel van Martinus Nijhoff te ’s-Gravenhage. Fondscatalogus 1858–1897 (’s-Gravenhage, 1898), both volumes were still available at ƒ7.50. In 1980 the reprint department of the Zentralantiquariat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik at Leipzig announced plans to reprint the Opera. The reprint was scheduled to be published in 1981/1982, but it never appeared.