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Toelichting der memorie ingediend door den Algemeenen Kerkeraad van Utrecht aan het Classicaal Bestuur van Utrecht den 21 September 1868.
Utrecht, Kemink en Zoon 1868. 16 pp., 21cm.—ƒ0.10.
Published: October 1868.
Dated: Utrecht, September 22, 1868.
Cover title: Classikaal Bestuur instead of Classicaal Bestuur.
RKB 10.
ET: Clarification of the memorandum submitted by the General Consistory of Utrecht to the Classical Board of Utrecht on September 21, 1868.

Clarification and personal thoughts about the memorandum of September 21, 1868 (see 1868.06 and 1868.08, no. XI), which the General Consistory of Utrecht composed to explain its refusal to cooperate with the announced personal church visitation.