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In: De Heraut 20 (1869), no. 28, July 9, 1869.
Dated: May 10, 1869.
(RKB 20.)
ET: Church inspection.

Personal statement on the church inspection at Utrecht in 1869 with the text of the written declaration that Kuyper delivered to the inspectors during their visit. In this article Kuyper corrects a mistaken interpretation of his decision to acquiesce to the Utrecht Consistory’s response to the personal church inspection of 1869. Kuyper says that he made the decision because he was anticipating changes in the regulations for carrying out church inspections.

Kuyper began his impressive fifty-year journalistic career with this issue of the weekly De Heraut. Eene Nederlandsche Stem voor Israëls Koning, het Hoofd der Gemeente (cf. 1871.01). Beginning with the July 9, 1869 issue, De Heraut started publishing in a larger format (56cm.). This change was made possible by the revocation of the newspaper stamp, a fiscal levy on newspapers based on physical proportions, on July 1, 1869.

The inaugural issue of De Heraut [The herald] was published on October 15, 1850. C.A.F. Schwartz (1817–1870), the founder of the paper, moved to Amsterdam in 1849 to begin work as a missionary to the Jews. The paper became a weekly in 1852 and, under the influence of Isaac da Costa (1798–1860), was given the subtitle “A Dutch Voice for Israel’s King, the Head of the Congregation.” In 1864 Schwartz left for England, a move that put the paper in jeopardy. After Schwartz’s death on August 25, 1870, the supporters of De Heraut vowed to keep the weekly paper alive. Kuyper was appointed editor ad interim starting with the October 7, 1870 issue. He no longer dated, signed, or initialled his articles and contributions after he became editor. Cf. 1871.01, 1872.02, 1874.02, and 1877.05.