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De vrijmaking der kerk. I–IV.
In: De Heraut 20 (1869), no. 46, November 12, 1869–no. 49, December 3, 1869.
Dated: Utrecht, November 9, 1869–Utrecht, November 30, 1869.
Offprint, see: 1869.32.
De Heraut, see: 1869.16.
(RKB 20.)
ET: The liberation of the church: I–IV.

Series of four articles on the separation of church and state and the liberation of the church. In his Nederlandsche Gedachten (no. 13, November 27, 1869 and no. 14, December 4, 1869), Groen van Prinsterer called these articles an “excellent explanatory memorandum,” arguing that they were so “masterly” that in his view they deserved to be published separately as a pamphlet.