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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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De Hollandsche gemeente te Londen in 1570/1.
(Voor drie-honderd jaren. Volksbladen ter herinnering aan de schoonste bladzijden uit onze geschiedenis: vol. 2, part 8/9.)
Harderwijk, M.C. Bronsveld 1870 [= 1871], pp. [137]–168, 23cm.—ƒ0.50, with subscription: ƒ0.40.
Published: March 1871.
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Cover title: De Hollandsche gemeente te Londen in 1570/1. Naar de oorspronkelijke bescheiden door de Marnix-Vereeniging uitgegeven.
Bound together [in 1871] with the other parts of volume 2, in a single volume, under the title: Voor drie-honderd jaren. Volksbladen ter herinnering aan de schoonste bladzijden uit onze geschiedenis. 1570.
In a title edition, see: 1873.11.
The title (number of copies unknown) was rather soon acquired by C. van Bentum, Utrecht.
RKB 34.
ET: The Dutch congregation at London in 1570/1571.

A historical sketch of the Dutch refugee congregation at London in 1570–1571, written on the basis of information drawn from the first part of the archival publications of the Marnix Society (see 1871.02). Kuyper’s account of this source was not completely free of the intention of gaining publicity for the Marnix Society and its publications among a broader public. This double issue, which describes two years of the joys and hardships of the congregation, is even introduced with a few lines advertising the benefits of membership (ƒ10.—annually) in the Marnix Society (see 1868.11).

The series Voor drie-honderd jaren [Three hundred years ago] consists of five volumes (1869–1872, 1873/1874) of short monographs about subjects and events related to the Dutch struggle for liberation against Spanish domination and to the Reformation in the Netherlands. The majority of these monographs have to do with the years 1569 to 1572.

The series for 1870–1871 was published in parts and was completed by May 1871. The publisher provided a nice cloth binding with the final installment (orange; lettered in gold and with gilt decorations on front cover and spine; blind tooling on the covers).