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Een perel in verkeerde schelp. (Dr. Pierson’s jongste Gidsartikel).
In: De Vereeniging: Christelijke Stemmen 26 (1871/1872), no. 3, pp. [145]–184.
Published: September 1871.
Dated: Amsterdam, August 25, 1871.
Offprint, see: 1871.12.
ET: A pearl in the wrong shell.

This article was announced in 1871.10 (see note 23 on p. 66) and is a response to an article by Dr. A. Pierson (1831–1896) in De Gids 35 (= Series 3, vol. 9), part 2, June 1871 (pp. [453]–487), entitled “Een keerpunt in de wijsgerige ontwikkeling” [A turning point in the development of philosophy], which rejected the fashionable deterministic conception of the world. Pierson’s astonishing acknowledgment of a moral world order is the perel [pearl]. The schelp [shell] is his introductory empirical-dialectical argument, which does not accommodate the pearl and into which the pearl cannot be fitted without damage. Kuyper concludes that Dr. A. Pierson, while a modernist himself, points in a direction leading away from modernism.