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[S.l., s.n. 1873.] [3 pp.], 34cm.
Dated: Amsterdam, December 10, 1873.
Printed but not published.
See also: 1887.19 (pp. 12–14) and 1954.01.

Three folio pages containing a detailed proposal in twenty-six articles for the formation of parishes in the 145,000-member Dutch Reformed Congregation of Amsterdam. The proposal, addressed to the Special Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Congregation, suggests establishing two orthodox parishes, two modern parishes, and one parish for those who preferred neither the orthodox nor the modern parishes. Church properties must be fairly distributed among the parishes and each parish must be accorded significant freedom and autonomy. The proposal also offers eleven recommendations and five resolutions.

The piece is not only about church politics; it also has clear pastoral intentions. It was read at the consistory on December 29, 1873 and then put into print for all the officers of the Dutch Reformed Congregation in Amsterdam. Cf. 1874.01.