A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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In: Het keerpunt in de jongste geschiedenis van kerk en staat. De eerste bladzijde der tweede afscheiding beschreven door Dr. G.J. Vos Az.
Dordrecht, J.P. Revers 1887 (Nijmegen, H.C.A. Thieme), pp. 12–14; 164–165; 205–206; 395–398.
Published: May 1887.

This history of the church conflict, written from the standpoint of those who remained loyal to the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church, reprints the following writings and publications by Kuyper:

  • 1. “Aan den bijzonderen kerkeraad heeft ondergeteekende de eer aan te bieden het volgende voorstel …” [To the special consistory those signed below have the honor of offering the following proposal …], pp. 12–14 (see 1873.10).
  • 2. “Ook de ‘smalle Synode’ heeft den euvelen moed gehad …” [The “reduced Synod” (i.e., the synodus contracta) also had the nerve …], pp. 164–165. An article from De Heraut, no. 458, October 3, 1886 containing Kuyper’s reaction to the sentence passed by the Synodus Contracta concerning the removal of the seventy-five members of the Consistory of Amsterdam from office.
  • 3. “De liberalisten hadden zich verbeeld …” [The liberals had misled themselves …], pp. 205–206. An asterism with the heading “Ons onverzettelijk ‘non possumus’” [Our unbending “non possumus”], from De Standaard 15 (1886), no. 4361, June 3, 1886, about the elections for the Second Chamber.
  • 4. “Instructie voor moderatoren. Instructiën voor agenten. Instructie voor de consulenten” [Instructions for moderators. Instructions for agents. Instructions for consultants], pp. 395–398, with changes made to the order of the instructions (see 1887.11).