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Aan Ds. J.H. Gunning.
In: De Weg ter Godzaligheid 1 (1875/1877), no. 3, pp. [33]–38.
Published: December 1875.
See also: 1877.06.
RKB 54.
ET: To Rev. J.H. Gunning.

While taking part in a reunion at Kuyper’s home, Dutch participants in the Brighton Convention (see 1875.07) decided to establish a monthly devoted to the revivals taking place in the Netherlands and abroad. The first issue of De Weg ter Godzaligheid [The path to godliness] appeared in October 1875. The third issue contained a letter addressed to J.H. Gunning jr., who had brought the concepts of “consecration” and “sanctification”—keywords of the Brighton Convention—into connection with a supposed “second conversion” that seemed to neglect baptism. Kuyper objected to this presentation of the matter.

Gunning’s answer appeared in the fourth issue. The publication of De Weg ter Godzaligheid was suspended after the appearance of the twelfth issue in 1877.