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[Letter to the editor.]
In: De Standaard 6 (1877), no. 1504, February 17, 1877.
Dated: Den Haag, February 15, 1877.

Letter to the editor of De Standaard. Just before Kuyper returned from his long period of recuperation abroad (see 1875.08), he reengaged with Anti-Revolutionary politics and with his paper. In this letter, he promises that he will soon send his ideas from Nice about the stance that “our Christian people” should take toward the school question during the national elections slated for June 1877 (see 1877.02). He then takes sides with those who had already objected to a critical statement that H.J.A.M. Schaepman had made about Groen van Prinsterer. Kuyper provides evidence that Groen van Prinsterer had absolutely not “wish[ed] to chase” his Roman Catholic countrymen “across the Moerdijk.” Schaepman’s remark constituted a shocking offense against the memory of Groen van Prinsterer (†May 19, 1876).