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[Letter to the editor.]
In: Opregte Haarlemsche Courant, no. 15, January 17, 1879.
Dated: January 15, 1879.
Also included in: 1879.05.

A letter to the editor, which appeared in the daily Opregte Haarlemsche Courant on January 14, 1879, had revealed that the author of the anonymous contribution to Stemmen voor Waarheid en Vrede (see 1879.02) was none other than Dr. J.J. van Toorenenbergen. So Kuyper hastens to write that he had not known the author’s identity and that he has great appreciation for the merits of Van Toorenenbergen’s work as a church historian. Kuyper also notes that Van Toorenenbergen had admitted that he had been in the wrong. This letter to the editor ends with the announcement that the dispute will be carried on elsewhere (see 1879.05).